We offer consistent high quality and robust taste with a Never Ever Promise.

At High Plains Bison, we have developed purposeful ranching techniques and superior harvesting processes that help us achieve our number one goal—to offer bison meat that tastes better than the rest.


Whether you are a consumer looking for a healthier and heartier option to beef, or a retailer or foodservice provider looking to grow your business with an incredible product, you can expect nothing less than the industry’s best from High Plains Bison.


A Passion for Bison the Way It’s Supposed to Be

At High Plains Bison, we have a passion for bison the way it’s supposed to be—consistently flavorful, juicy, and pure—so we set a high bar for quality and taste.

Enjoy Cleaner, Fresher, More Flavorful Bison Meat

Bison is a delicacy that will leave your mouth watering for more, but at High Plains Bison, we believe our bison tastes even better than the rest.

Committed to the Land and the Animals that Roam

Where the high plains meet the Rocky Mountains and bison roam across a sun-soaked horizon, you can find the small piece of paradise we call home.

Bison Cooking 101

Bison cooks differently than beef and other meats. Learn cooking tips on how to bison-ize your favorite recipes—or gain inspiration to try something new—with High Plains Bison!

Bison Recipes to Delight

From bison-ized family classics to more adventuresome favorites, we have dozens of bison recipes that will refresh your routine and add excitement to your next meal, appetizer, or snack.

Delight Customers with a Consistently Delicious Product

Not all bison offers the same quality. Whether you are a retailer or foodservice provider, you can expect nothing less than the industry’s best from High Plains Bison.