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Bison Cooking 101 and Recipes to Delight

Bison cooks differently than beef and other meats. Learn cooking tips on how to bison-ize your favorite recipes—or gain inspiration to try something new—with High Plains Bison! From culinary-inspired to family-friendly appetizers, entrees, and snacks, we have dozens of ideas that will refresh your recipes and add excitement to your next meal.

Bison Cooking Tips

While bison offers a similar flavor profile to beef, it has far less fat and requires different preparation to achieve best results. Specific techniques vary by cut, but click on the icons below to review some general guidelines.


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High Plains Bison Recipes

Our chefs are always cooking up something new in the High Plains Bison kitchen! From bison-ized family classics to more adventuresome favorites, explore our prized collection of recipes for your next meal.

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