Our Ranches

Committed to the Land and the Animals that Roam

Where the high plains meet the Rocky Mountains and bison roam across a sun-soaked horizon, you can find the small piece of paradise we call home.


High Plains Bison’s three stunning ranches in the United States and Canada provide bison with plenty of space to roam with minimal human interaction and outstanding animal welfare practices. Thanks to our Ranch Vitality Calculator™, our lands are chosen with the utmost scrutiny to ensure its creatures—from our bison to the bees—thrive for years to come.

Restoration of a Wonder

At High Plains Bison, we are stewards in the restoration of bison to the North American plains. Thanks to incredible industry and conservation efforts, the North American Bison is no longer considered an endangered species.


Bison are magnificent creatures that have been grazing here for over 10,000 years, and we feel passionately about ensuring they thrive for generations to come.

Animal Welfare

At High Plains Bison, we handle our animals as little as possible, which lowers their stress levels and helps them develop in a healthy and natural manner without antibiotics, growth hormones, or steroids. Our calves are also conceived and birthed naturally, without human interaction.

Freedom of Choice for Food

Our bison are vegetarian-fed and free to graze on forages or enjoy our proprietary and all-natural High Plains Bison feed, created by industry experts. They are never, ever fed animal by-products.

Better Land for Our Vibrant Ranches

Thanks to work with leading grass and bison expert Dr. Al Steuter and the United States Geological Survey, we have developed a proprietary tool which meticulously scrutinizes land for all High Plains Bison ranches. The Ranch Vitality Calculator™ enables us to estimate how many bison a specific area could support, which minimizes the risk of overstocking and ensures the availability of adequate food and water.

Our Bison for Ecological Balance

Interior grasslands accommodate some of North America’s most endangered ecosystems. As our bison are reintroduced to their native rangeland, they help maintain the ecological balance of this beautiful habitat so it can sustain life for years to come.