Bison Nutrition

High Plains Bison, the Guilt-Free Red Meat

High Plains Bison is a red meat lover’s dream come true. Consumers enjoy better nutrition from our bison meat. It offers less fat, calories and sodium, and considerably more iron to combat fatigue than any other meat available. Also, since our bison meat is a dense, nutrient-rich protein, it tends to be more satisfying, filling and shrinks less during cooking. You will feel satiated with less bison meat even though it has fewer calories than beef.

Get the Skinny on a Superior Protein

High Plains Bison offers better nutrition! Compare your favorite protein with our bison and see why many are switching to this hearty red meat for a healthier lifestyle.

Bison—A Nutrition Powerhouse

A healthy lifestyle is possible when you incorporate a nutrition powerhouse like High Plains Bison into your diet!

Compared to beef, our bison:

• Offers 45% fewer calories,

• Has 87% less fat,

• Has 100% more iron, and

• Offers high concentrations of essential vitamins and minerals.

Slim Down and Stay Satisfied

High Plains Bison is an incredibly dense and nutrient-rich protein. Many find that they are satisfied after enjoying less bison meat, which helps with calorie and portion control and boosts weight loss efforts.

Red Meat Remedies

How do you add nutritious bison into your healthy lifestyle? Replace your favorite beef recipes with our bison! From tender steaks to mouthwatering burgers, meatballs, and stews, substitute beef with a hearty—and heart healthy—red meat remedy like High Plains Bison!

Our favorite recipe ideas can be found here.