Cooking Tips

Bison Cooking Tips 101

While bison offers a similar flavor profile to beef, it has far less fat and requires different preparation to achieve best results. Learn bison cooking tips on how to bison-ize your favorite recipes with High Plains Bison!

Bison Steak Guidelines

  • Cook to Tenderness

    Bison steaks are very lean and will lose tenderness when cooked past medium. Even those who order beef well done will prefer a medium-rare bison steak.
  • Check the Temperature

    Trust your meat thermometer, not your eyes! Cook your bison to an internal temperature of 122-128°F.
  • Love It! Let It Rest

    Allow the flavorful juices to spread before you cut your steak. Let it rest for double the time as beef.

Cooking Tips for Our Products

Add pizazz to even the simplest bison recipes! Learn expert advice on how to cook High Plains Bison products and show off your culinary prowess with one of our favorite recipes.