About Us

A Passion for Bison the Way It’s Supposed to Be

At High Plains Bison, we have a passion for bison the way it’s supposed to be—consistently flavorful, juicy, and pure—so we set a high bar for quality and taste. Sure, our methods in ranching, animal welfare, and craft processing take more time and effort, but we think the details make the difference in providing a better product and honoring the bison’s integrity.


Taste the difference with High Plains Bison. We promise you will have such a great bison experience, you will come back for more.

Our Pledge to You

At High Plains Bison, our commitment to the details make us different. We pledge to diligently perfect our craft so you can enjoy the best tasting bison in the industry:

High Plains Bison is a proud member of The Bison Council, which is a collaboration of independent ranchers and processors that champion bison products of consistent high quality.

The Bison Council requires members to maintain the highest standards in animal care and husbandry, sustainability, food safety, purity of ingredients, and quality of finished consumer products, so consumers can enjoy the highest quality and best tasting bison in the industry.