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bison steaks

Cooking tips

  1. To get the most flavor out of each steak cook to an internal temperature of 110° - 115°.
  2. Season steaks well with olive oil, salt and fresh cracked pepper before you place in the hot pan. This creates a delicious "flavor crust" on the surface of the steak while helping to ensure the inside remains juicy and tender.
  3. Let meat rest before slicing. When you grill, roast or pan sear bison, the meat tightens as it cooks, driving the juices to the surface. If you immediately cut into cooked meat, all the juicy goodness and flavor end up on your plate, not in your mouth. Instead, let bison rest for 10 - 15 minutes, covered and in a warm place. You'll be amazed how the juices redistribute throughout the meat for flavorful juiciness in every bite.
  4. Don't overcook. While bison is available in cuts similar to beef, it is far leaner so requires less cooking time. Because of its minimal marbling (internal streaks of fat that act as insulators, slowing down the cooking process), bison meat has a tendency to cook more rapidly. As a result, caution must be taken not to overcook it. For best flavor, never cook bison until it's well done, instead cook until it's medium-rare to medium.
  5. For best results thaw meat slowly. Place vacuum-sealed package on a plate in the fridge. Meat will thaw completely within 1-2 days.

recommended cooking times

thickness doneness first side after
first side after
3/4 inch rare 4 minutes 2 minutes 5 minutes 2 minutes
medium-rare 5 minutes 3 minutes 7 minutes 5 minutes
medium 6 minutes 5 minutes 8 minutes 6 minutes
well 8 minutes 6 minutes 10 minutes 7 minutes
1 inch rare 5 minutes 3 minutes 6 minutes 5 minutes
medium-rare 5 minutes 6 minutes 8 minutes 6 minutes
medium 6 minutes 7 minutes 9 minutes 7 minutes
well 8 minutes 8 minutes 11 minutes 8 minutes
1 1/2 inch rare 6 minutes 4 minutes 7 minutes 6 minutes
medium-rare 7 minutes 6 minutes 9 minutes 7 minutes
medium 8 minutes 7 minutes 10 minutes 8 minutes
well 10 minutes 7 minutes 13 minutes 11 minutes
Bison is Lowest in Fat and Cholesterol
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